iDeals data room

iDeals data room software for both small and large projects

The outstanding platform iDeals Virtual Data Room offers an unmatched degree of client support while being simple to use. Our company had initially experimented with a number of data rooms before switching firm-wide to iDeals due to its clarity and user-friendly layout. High-quality security and affordable client service.

Characteristics That Protect Documents

One of the advantages of the iDeals virtual data room is document security. Only authorized staff can access the servers that store the sensitive data thanks to biometric entrance authentication technologies. Additionally, you have control over the level of access that each person or organization has to each document.

Additionally, you can add dynamic watermarks to your documents to safeguard them. Redaction, fence view, secure spreadsheet view, and remote shred are additional noteworthy security features.

The company’s data centers are heavily guarded and under constant surveillance. Additionally, iDeals data room complies with the following security guidelines: Data Centers that are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified, \sGDPR \sHIPAA

Not to mention, external auditors often assess the company’s virtual data room security integrity.

Features for Collaboration and Document Management

The software for business from iDeals incorporate a number of document management and collaboration tools that quicken the pace of your M&A deals and due diligence procedures.

Users can quickly upload documents to the system and manage their permissions without any IT expertise thanks to the drag and drop mechanism.

There are no restrictions on the quantity of documents you can submit, and you can opt to upload numerous documents at once. Additionally, since the papers are immediately converted to PDF when uploaded, you don’t need to change their formatting. Additionally, each document is automatically arranged for accessibility.

Additionally incorporating live discussion boards and FAQ sections, the data rooms facilitate user collaboration. To guarantee they receive assistance from a subject-matter expert, users can identify the domain their query relates to (financial, legal, etc.) when they submit a question.

The VDR’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system makes finding the documents you need very simple. You only need to type a document’s name into the search box to find it.

Customer Service

Customers of iDeals have access to a variety of 24/7 customer care options, including email and quick-response in-app live chat. The website also has an online Help Center with a FAQ section, video lessons, and all available support material.

You can contact with the company’s customer support staff without any prior IT experience. However, be aware that depending on the plan you choose, you may receive varying levels of support and virtual data room training.

Additionally, the iDeals virtual data room provides customer service in 12 different languages.

Added Characteristics

The user interface of the iDeals data room is simple and resembles the email interface that most users are accustomed to. Even for users who have little IT expertise, there is hardly any of a learning curve.

The user interface provides email-like features including carbon, blind copy, and forward. Users can now include links to files in the data room of the messaging portal by attaching them as attachments.

By including your company’s logo, modifying the header and footer, and specifying the rules of access, you may personalize the virtual data room’s user experience. Additionally, you can modify the language preferences and turn on automatic translation for up to 90 languages.

Price Ranges

The three virtual data room plans offered by iDeals are Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The main areas where the virtual data room packages vary are the amount of storage and the quantity of projects and administrators.

The Pro plan is the entry-level option, which is appropriate for small and medium-sized projects because it comes with one project, five administrators, and up to 10GB of storage. Standard Q&A management, personalized NDA and conditions of access, dynamic watermarks, and two USB devices containing data room archives are all included in this plan.

In terms of the Business plan, you get all the advantages of the Pro plan as well as the ability to assign an unlimited number of administrators to the virtual data room and work on an unlimited number of projects. Additionally, the storage has been increased to 250GB. The bundle also contains extra features like extended customer assistance, document labels, and sophisticated Q&A. For projects of a medium or large size, this strategy works best.

Everything in the business plan is included in the enterprise plan, including a specialized project team, a unique data retention policy, and delayed billing (until the project goes live). Additionally, the maximum storage capacity was increased to 1TB. For large projects, the Enterprise plan is a fantastic all-around option.

The business doesn’t disclose pricing information. You must get in touch with the sales staff to request a quote for the package you’ve chosen. It’s also important to point out that each plan offers a 30-day free trial.