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Best Trends of 2020 in Black Metal Corpse Paint

A kind of makeup you won’t probably see every day in the street. Today, we’ll discuss black metal corpse paint and the trends in this industry. Let’s find out more about this makeup style, where & when it’s used, and how to do it.

A general overview

First of all, one has to understand that this is the most widespread choice for certain music bands. People apply this makeup to look like a zombie or a corpse.

It is one of the characteristics of black metal aesthetics. No wonder you can most of it on the music concerts. Plenty of black metal music groups take advantage of this technique.

One of the peculiarities and current trends in this industry is to put on white paint on the face and neck. The black color is added on lips and eyes. It’s a sort of face painting but with two monochrome colors only.

Where can one see the most trending ideas?

Plenty of well-known artists use the technique for a shocking impact. Look up the ideas from Arthur Brown, Alice Cooper. Members of Kiss often use it.

What’s more, professional wrestlers sometimes apply this makeup. You can see it on Sting and Vampiro. It’s a part of their style and sort of a signature look.

How to use corpse paint?

If you decide to make such a sort of makeup, you should pick the current trend. It’s not very difficult to make a zombie-like look.

  • Start with adding the white base. Put it on both face and neck. The base shouldn’t be too white to make you look like a clown. Several shades lighter than your complexion will do fine.
  • In case you’ve got white or translucent powder, you can apply it on top of the base to fix the layer. While it’s an optional step, we highly recommend it to those who need this makeup to last for hours.
  • After you achieve the wanted white color, you can start working on your eyes. Use black eyeshadow around your eyes. If your goal isn’t to look like a panda, avoid leaving plain circles. Turn it into ovals or create geometry shapes. Go beyond the eyebrows and cover lots of space both over the eye and beneath it. You may also use black eyeliner to intensify the look.
  • Some of the trending ideas include adding other elements like a spider-web, stitches, vine-y effects, etc.
  • Use dark lipstick or black eyeliner (if possible) on your lips. It’ll match the eyes and make your look cohesive.

Bottom line

As you see, the trends in black metal corpse paint are relatively stable. You can learn to do such makeup for some music concerts or Halloween. Regardless of where you plan to go, it’s better to use only high-quality makeup products. They will not only let the makeup stay on for long but will also protect the skin underneath it. Remember that it’s not necessary to paint the whole body. You can cover the face only and get an effect of the floating face, too.